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How to avoid drone nozzle clog and clean the sprayer system

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There are 2 types of nozzles used by drones

One is a high-pressure nozzle, which is the same as the nozzle used in ordinary sprayers, except that the size of the nozzle is different. You can choose different types of nozzles according to the droplet diameter you want to achieve.

The other is a centrifugal nozzle. Its water outlet is large and not easy to clog. There is a motor inside the nozzle. The centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the motor causes the liquid to be sprayed out. The droplet diameter is small, the atomization effect is good, and the spray is more uniform.

No matter what kind of nozzle it is, it needs to be cleaned in time after the operation is completed, otherwise the liquid will remain on the nozzle and accumulate for a long time, which will clog the nozzle.

Cleaning method: Fill the water tank with clean water or cleaning agent, turn on the water pump and start spraying, so that the water/cleaning agent flows out from the water pump, water pipe and nozzle to achieve the cleaning effect.

If the nozzle is clogged, just remove the nozzle to clean or replace it.

If the water pump is clogged, you can open the water pump, take out the filter inside and clean it.



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