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Daily maintenance of agricultural spraying drones

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Plant protection UAV is a sophisticated high-tech product, and any slight change in any part will affect its flight status and service life. In addition to operating and using in the correct way, daily maintenance and inspection are also crucial.

1. Before operation, check whether the medicine box is leaking, clean the medicine box after completion, and wipe the rack with a wet towel.

2. The motor needs to be rinsed with clean water. Do not touch the copper wire inside the motor with sharp objects.

3. After each use, the medicine box, water pump and nozzle should be passed through with clean water.

4. After each use, clean the propellers, motors, and frame of the aircraft with clean water (remember not to sprinkle water on the flight controller, ESC, plugs, and other electronic components).

5. After each use, carefully check whether the oars used on the aircraft have cracks and signs of breakage, and whether the surface of the battery used has holes or pierced by sharp objects. If there is a  battery damaged, it will cause burning and damage agricultural multi-rotor plant protection aircraft.

6. After use, store the whole machine in a place where it is not easy to collide.



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