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Comparasion between agricultural sprayer drone and plane

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Typically, people who see the drone in action are very impressed. In certain circumstances the drone is better than planes or choppers because the timing is optimal. How many times when we need to be spraying is it either too muddy to get in the field, or we can’t get a plane scheduled? Wait long enough and that adds up to yield lost. I see a lot of opportunity with drones. Many people want to see these demonstrations because it’s cool, but then they see that drone spraying is also effective, and they’re interested in trying on their own farms. We see a lot of potential uses — spraying fungicide and insecticide in crops, applying foliar feed in hay fields, you could do some spot spreading of fertilizer. As interest in drone spraying increases and farmers begin to experiment with this new venture, it’s clear there are advantages to the technology — timely applications on hard-to-reach fields, flexibility in usage, as well as opportunities for new business ventures in rural areas.



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