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Drone Application

  • 2024-02-23

    Joyance test all the agricultural drones before delivery RTF
    Every drone is ready to flyBefore shipment, we will undergo strict indoor testing and outdoor flight testing, and take complete test videos.1. Manual flight test2. Route planning, autonomous operation flight test3. Continue flying at breakpoints test
  • 2023-08-16

    40 liters fumigation drone sprayer with RTK/centrifugal nozzles/70L fertilizer spreader hot selling in Mexico/Brazil
    JT40L-404 drone with 4pcs centrifugal nozzles, 18s 30000mAh smart battery, 7.2KW fast charger, RTK antenna, fertilizer spreader (70 liters), weight sensor, ultrasonic flowmeter, front & rear obstacle radar, terrain following radar, front & rear FPV camera, toolkit, aluminum packing box, ready to fly
  • 2023-03-13

    Comparasion between agricultural sprayer drone and plane
    Typically, people who see the drone in action are very impressed. In certain circumstances the drone is better than planes or choppers because the timing is optimal. How many times when we need to be spraying is it either too muddy to get in the field, or we can’t get a plane scheduled? Wait long en
  • 2023-03-11

    Why choose agricultural sprayer drones
    Apply product when and where you need it at the optimum rate. PRECISE AND TIMELY; AUTONOMOUS ACTION; small, irregularly shaped fields that make aerial applications difficult.Apply product when and where it is too muddy to get in the field.From a rescue fungicide application to cover crop seeding, sp
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