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Why choose agricultural sprayer drones

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Apply product when and where you need it at the optimum rate. PRECISE AND TIMELY; AUTONOMOUS ACTION; small, irregularly shaped fields that make aerial applications difficult.Apply product when and where it is too muddy to get in the field.

From a rescue fungicide application to cover crop seeding, sprayer and spreader drones are earning their place on farms. They can provide a cheaper, faster and more flexible method for in-field applications. Sprayer drones let you do your own aerial application when, where and how you want it done.

Instead of using a sprayer with 120' booms or hiring a crop duster to treat a 25-acre field, you can send in a drone with a 9' wingspan and 29' swath, carrying 8 gal. of product. In less than an hour, you could spray the entire field at the optimum application rate.

Sprayer drones won’t replace ground rigs. But where they are a great fit is for low-volume, variable-rate or spot applications in small fields or fields with topographic changes. Drones are similar to crop dusters, but they can fly lower, slower and more precise.

In terms of economics, drones are best in sub-field applications. If 25% of your field needs sprayed in one corner and 10% on the opposite corner, a drone is a better option. If you’re talking hundreds of acres of flat rectangular fields, a ground rig is probably a better choice.

Drones can quickly treat random outbreaks of end-of-season weeds or interseed cover crops without damaging the growing crop.



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