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Contribute to Agriculture: Global Plant Protection Drones Attack

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The agricultural sprayer drone is a drone used for agricultural and forestry plant protection operations, mainly through ground remote control or GPS flight control to realize spraying operations. In fact, UAV, as an air platform with superior performance, was first used in the military field. However, with the development of technology and social changes, drones have begun to develop rapidly in the civilian field, especially in agricultural plant protection.

Classification and advantages of plant protection drones

(1) There are various types of plant protection drones, which can be divided into various types according to different classification criteria.

Divided by power: oil plant protection UAV/electric plant protection UAV

Divided by model structure: fixed-wing plant protection UAV/single-rotor plant protection UAV/multi-rotor plant protection UAV

(2) Advantages of agricultural sprayer drones

1. Efficient and safe: Agricultural sprayer drone fly fast, and the scale operation can reach 12-15 hectares per hour, and its efficiency is at least 100 times higher than conventional spraying; agricultural sprayer drones are operated by ground remote control or GPS flight control, and spraying operations. The remote operation of personnel avoids the risk of exposure to pesticides and improves the safety of spraying operations.

2. Saving water and chemicals and reducing costs: Electric drone spraying technology can save at least 50% of pesticide usage and 90% of water consumption by using spray spraying, which greatly reduces resource costs.

3. Significant control effect: the agricultural sprayer drone has the characteristics of low operating height, small drift, and the ability to hover in the air. When spraying pesticides, the downward airflow generated by the rotation of the blades helps to increase the penetration of the flow to the crops, and the control effect is good.

4. Low cost, easy to operate: the electric drone has small overall size, light weight, low depreciation rate, easy maintenance, low labor cost per unit operation; easy to operate, the operator can generally master the essentials and execute after about 30 days of training Task.



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