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Joyful Mowing With JOYANCE Wheeled Remote-Controlled Mower In Greece

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The JOYANCE wheeled remote-controlled mower brings efficiency and affordability to lawn maintenance in Greece. Despite its budget-friendly price, the mower is equipped with a renowned Chinese LONCIN gasoline engine, which meets the stringent Euro 5 emission standards. This ensures an environmentally conscious and highly efficient mowing experience.
Featuring four wheels powered by well-known Chinese electric motors, the JOYANCE offers excellent synchronization. The mowers allow precise left or right turning based on different rotational speeds. This maneuverability makes it a standout choice for managing lawns and gardens with various obstacles.
The mower’s standout feature is its 28V brushless generator, which charges the battery during operation. As long as there’s a sufficient supply of gasoline, the mower can work continuously, making it an ideal helper for maintaining estates and lawns.

Our Greek customers have conducted extensive testing and are highly impressed with the performance and reliability of the Vigorun mower. They are now planning to place bulk orders as they see great potential in this innovative lawn maintenance tool.
We are committed to providing the best products and professional services to our customers, ensuring a seamless and joyful mowing experience.

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    Add : 3/F, 3/Bldg, 13426 Yuqing Str,             Weifang, Shandong 261061, China
    Whatsapp : +86 152 6961 6614
    E-mail : sales@spreaderdrone.com
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