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Drone Features
Joyance JT20L-404 agricultural JT20L-404 fumigation drone with centrifugal nozzles and fertilizer spreader flight test in snow field

JT20L-404:20 liters capacityspray 20 liters in 8-10 minutes and cover 1.3 hectares per battery.With 220V voltage it takes 15-18 minutes to recharge 1 battery from 30% to 99%.For constant work we recommend at least 4 batteries, 2 chargers and one 9KW 220V generatorDrone JT20L-404 with centrifugal noz

Drone Features
Drone Application
Joyance test all the agricultural drones before delivery RTF

Every drone is ready to flyBefore shipment, we will undergo strict indoor testing and outdoor flight testing, and take complete test videos.1. Manual flight test2. Route planning, autonomous operation flight test3. Continue flying at breakpoints test

Drone Application
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Drone Technology Could Revolutionize Window-cleaning Industry

GARDEN CITY, N.Y. (PIX11) — Say goodbye to the old-school way of washing windows.New York Drone Cleaning is a company that specializes in high-rise window and building cleaning services. The company uses drones equipped with window-washing technology.On Friday, New York Drone Cleaning offered a glim

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What is the introduction use of drone technology in agriculture?

The introduction of drone technology in agriculture has brought about enormous advancements, reworking traditional farming practices and improving precision agriculture. Here are a number of the preliminary makes use of and introductions of drone technology in agriculture:Aerial Imaging and Surveyin



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