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Agricultural sprayer drone safety operating procedures and precautions

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The use of spraying drones for pesticide application solves the problems of uneven coverage and poor control effects of conventional manual application of pesticides. It not only reduces the amount of pesticides used, but also effectively improves work efficiency.

Requirements for pilots

Pilots cannot operate after drinking, lack of sleep, or when they are sick; they cannot operate in paddy fields with no safe landing point within 0.2 acres around them; after the operation, the power battery should be disconnected first, then the control circuit should be disconnected, and the remote controller should be turned off , and put the remote control in the toolbox; when the sprayer drone is in an emergency, the drone should be flew away from the crowd in the fastest way, and land or make an emergency landing as soon as possible.

Flight operation requirements

1. The flight operation should be low. The flight operation height should be about 2m away from the crop leaf tip.

2. The straightness of the flight operation should be high. Plant protection drone operations must maintain a straight line to ensure no missed spraying or heavy spraying.

3. The flight operation speed should be uniform. The operation effect of sprayer drones is closely related to the flight speed. It should not be too fast, and should fly at a slow and uniform speed.

4. The flight operation distance must be determined. It is best to fly a round trip for a drone, and return to the starting point to change the battery and add pesticide, which should be determined according to the size of the field.

5. Determine the take-off and landing location. The take-off and landing site should be selected for the flight operation of the sprayer drone. The take-off and landing site should be flat and the ground should be solid to prevent damage to the machine during take-off and landing.

Spraying on the farm

1. Check the operation area and surrounding conditions again before spraying to ensure that there are no factors affecting flight safety.

2. Measure the battery voltage before take-off, and check the status of the agricultural plant protection drone.

3. According to the operation situation, observe the position and status of the far end of the flight, as well as the width, flight height, speed, distance, breakpoint, etc. of the sprayer drone and make corresponding processing.

4. The operator uses the remote control to control the sprayer drone, and is responsible for the operation of the sprayer drone.

5. Do a good job in the transfer of sprayer drones, battery replacement, and filling of chemicals.

6. After the homework is completed, the homework records should be archived and kept.


1. Organize equipment

After the spraying operation is completed, sort out and classify the agriculture sprayer drones, remote controls, chargers, batteries and other related accessories.

2. Cleaning inspection

Drain the residual chemicals in the water tank and prevent the environment from being polluted, and clean the nozzles and filter screens to ensure that no residual pesticides are attached. Check the screws are tight

Battery charging and storage

The charging and use of the battery shall be carried out according to the relevant standards of the battery.

After the work is completed, the batteries should be sorted and arranged according to the requirements, and the usage status should be marked in the battery explosion-proof box.


After the inspection, the agricultural plant protection drone and auxiliary equipment should be safely transported back to the storage place for storage.



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