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JOYANCE Cleaning Drones Testing for Window Cleaning & Wall Cleaning

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Vicland Property Group director of development Jake Steinhart said they were always looking to “try new things” with their buildings.

“In the current market tenants want the newest and most technologically advanced things,” Mr Steinhart said.

“They now have a vested interest in all elements of the building from ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) to window cleaning.”

Vicland’s St Germain building is home to Kay & Burton, Deague Group, Kennedy and Cecconis restaurant.

Colliers’ senior property manager Elyse Latella said the drone technology was sustainable, cost-effective and a safer way to clean Melbourne’s buildings.

“There’s a safety element to it; you put the drone pilots that are physically on the ground manoeuvring the drone rather than hanging off the side of the building,” Ms Latella said.

“It captures the sustainability side of things not having to use harsh chemicals because you’re using hot water — and hot water kills everything.

“It brings the cost down; you’re not having as much labour involved as opposed to your traditional window cleaning.”

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    Add : 3/F, 3/Bldg, 13426 Yuqing Str,             Weifang, Shandong 261061, China
    Whatsapp : +86 152 6961 6614
    E-mail : sales@spreaderdrone.com
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