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The development history of China's agricultural sprayer drones

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As one of the big agricultural countries in the world, China has 1.8 billion mu of basic farmland. Therefore, the efficiency of pest and weed control will directly determine the level of my country's grain production efficiency. The traditional pesticide application method is to manually control the pesticide application facilities on the ground, which not only has problems such as low efficiency and high labor costs, but also easily causes poisoning of workers. The use of drones for plant protection operations, to a certain extent, makes up for the shortcomings of traditional pesticide application techniques. With its advantages of high efficiency, time-saving and labor-saving, it provides an effective way for efficient and safe plant protection operations. With the transformation of planting mode and economic structure, the surplus rural labor force is transferred to the city, and the labor cost is gradually increasing. Therefore, plant protection drones have received widespread attention. This article summarizes my country's plant protection drones, special agents, dosage forms and additives, leased use, and professional and technical personnel, etc., systematically shows the development status and existing problems of my country's plant protection field of aerial defense technology, and finally discusses the future of aerial defense technology Suggestions were put forward in order to provide reference for the development of aviation plant protection in my country.

1. The development history of plant protection drones in my country

In 1951, Guangzhou City used C-46 aircraft for the first time to carry out mosquito and fly control, and the prelude to the development of my country's agricultural aviation began. In 1958, the Yun-5 aircraft, which came out in Nanchang Aircraft Manufacturing Factory, was widely used in agriculture and forestry sowing, fertilization and pesticide spraying, which greatly promoted the progress and development of my country's agricultural aviation. In 1963, aerial plant protection operations began to be applied to the control of wheat diseases, insect pests and weeds. In the 1990s, light pesticide spraying aircraft were widely used in pest control and chemical weeding of crops such as wheat and cotton, and also played a huge role in the control of grassland locusts and forest pests. According to the public information of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (see Figure 1), the number of plant protection drones in my country was only 695 in 2014. The country with the largest number of man-machines has a plant protection operation area of more than 500 million mu. In 2020, the number of plant protection drones in my country will exceed 100,000, and the operating area will exceed 1 billion mu for the first time, marking that my country's aviation plant protection development has entered a new era. By 2021, the number of plant protection drones in my country is estimated to reach 160,000, and the operating area will reach 1.4 billion mu. The prospect of my country's drone market is promising. In addition, 5G technology has already begun to be applied in the plant protection and aerial defense industry. In 2020, the first 5G networked plant protection drone was successfully tested at the scientific research base of the Chongqing Academy of Agricultural Sciences, providing 30 acres of experimental farmland with integrated drones. Precision agriculture services integrating big data and remote sensing big data.



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