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  • 2023-03-13

    Comparasion between agricultural sprayer drone and plane
    Typically, people who see the drone in action are very impressed. In certain circumstances the drone is better than planes or choppers because the timing is optimal. How many times when we need to be spraying is it either too muddy to get in the field, or we can’t get a plane scheduled? Wait long en
  • 2023-03-07

    Manufacturer of the agriculture drone
    Shandong Joyance Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional and leading drone agricultural sprayer manufacturer located in China. Since 2012. Joyance Tech has focused on the research & development of sprayer drones and UAV application solutions. Our products have obtained C E, F C C, R O H
  • 2023-03-07

    The development history of China's agricultural sprayer drones
    As one of the big agricultural countries in the world, China has 1.8 billion mu of basic farmland. Therefore, the efficiency of pest and weed control will directly determine the level of my country's grain production efficiency. The traditional pesticide application method is to manually control the
  • 2023-03-02

    Agriculture sprayer drones are hot-selling
    Joyance agriculture sprayer drone work well in Peru.The payload of this model is 30 liters, it's suitable for spraying big farm, spraying service.
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    Add : 3/F, 3/Bldg, 13426 Yuqing Str,             Weifang, Shandong 261061, China
    Whatsapp : +86 152 6961 6614
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