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Joyance new model agricultural sprayer drones are waterproof IP56

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The waterproof grade of the whole drone is IP56, which can work in the rain and can be washed with water

Joyance Tech is a professional agricultural sprayer drone manufacturer in China with 10 years experience on R & D. Our drones have been exported to more than 90 countries and regions, mainly used for agricultural spraying, fertilizer spreading, roof cleaning/washing.

10 liters, 16 liters, 30 liters capacity electrical drones and 16 liters hybrid drone are available for sale. OEM/ODM serivce, MOQ 1.

This product can spray the pesticide instead of humans with higher spraying efficiency and safer, it can save 90% water and 30% chemicals, improving the production of your crops.

The drone can fly automatically. You will make plans on the app and the drone will finish the task autonomously. The drone is very easy to operate, we provide free training, after-sales service and warranty.

JT10L-404QC: 10 liters, spray 5~7 hectares/hour, spray width 4.5 meters. 4pcs high pressure nozzles. 14s 10000mAh smart battery. Detachable water tank, FPV, obstacle radar.

JT16L-404QC: 16 liters, spray 8~10 hectares/hour, spray width 6 meters. 8pcs high pressure nozzles. 14s 20000mAh smart battery. Detachable water tank, FPV, obstacle radar. 20lt granule fertilizer tank & spreader.

JT30L-606: 30 liters, spray 12~15 hectares/hour, spray width 8 meters. 12pcs high pressure nozzles. 14s 28000mAh smart battery. FPV, obstacle radar. 35lt granule fertilizer tank & spreader.

If you are interested in using drone for your own farm or spraying service business, please subscribe our channel or contact us on WhatsApp and email.


1. Horizontal foldable frame, easy to transport

2. Ready to fly, 100% testing before delivery

3. Intelligent spraying control with DCU & flowmeter

4. Autonomous flight, work at night

5. Waterproof, easy to clean

6. Quick pluggable/detachable design

7. Smart battery, more than 600 cycles life

8. High efficiency and effectiveness

9. Easy to operate

10. Easy replacement of spare parts

11. Better automization effect and permeability



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    Add : 3/F, 3/Bldg, 13426 Yuqing Str,             Weifang, Shandong 261061, China
    Whatsapp : +86 152 6961 6614
    E-mail : sales@spreaderdrone.com
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