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Dron pulverizador Joyance para fumigación de arroz y algodón en Perú

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16 liters agricultural paddy spraying drone (5)

Joyance agricultural fumigation drones are widely used for spraying service business in Peru and other Latin American countries, well received.

Hot selling models: JT16L-404QC, JT30L-606

JT16L-404QC: 16 liters, spray 8~10 hectares/hour, spray width 6 meters. 8pcs high pressure nozzles. 14s 20000mAh smart battery. Detachable water tank, FPV, obstacle radar. 20lt granule fertilizer tank & spreader.

JT30L-606: 30 liters, spray 12~15 hectares/hour, spray width 8 meters. 12pcs high pressure nozzles. 14s 28000mAh smart battery. FPV, obstacle radar. 35lt granule fertilizer tank & spreader.

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    Whatsapp : +86 152 6961 6614
    E-mail : sales@spreaderdrone.com
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