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The Most High Efficient 16 Liters Agricultural Sprayer Drone with Sprayer & Spreader System

High pressure nozzles
High power system
50mm diameter carbon fiber tube
Foldable aviation aluminum alloy frame
Low battery cost, fast-speed charging (15-18 minutes)
Sprayer & spreader dual systems
  • JT16L-404



                             Shandong Joyance Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd.

JOYANCE is one of the earliest manufacturers of agricultural drones in China, design new products and optimize equipment performance according to the usage habits and working conditions of overseas customers. Our current products are mainly sprayer drones, spreader drones, 16L hybrid drone, cleaning drone, and multi-function drones.
We are professional sprayer drone manufacturer with 10 years experience and users in 94 countries, provide drone solutions to farmers, spraying service companies and resellers.
Hope to find a way to cooperate with you.

16L spayer drone

16L sprayer drone is more suitable for spraying large lands, fruit trees and spraying service use, equipped with obstacle avoidance radar and terrain following radar, very suitable for spraying plains, hills, mountains.

JT16L-404QC Drone Technical Specifications

Product Name JT16L-404QC Fly time No-Load Hovering Time 18Min
Water Tank Capacity 16L Full Load Working Time 9Min
Spraying Width 4-6m(above crops 1-3 m)  Weight Self Weight(without battery) 18KG
Spraying Efficiency 8-10Ha/hr (work continuously) Full Load Weight 40KG
Spraying Speed 10m/s Size Expand Size 1.4 * 1.35 * 0.7 m
Smart Battery Okcell 14s 20000mAh (≥600 cycles) Fold Size 0.88 * 0.77 * 0.7m
Product Material carbon fiber + aviation aluminum alloy Packing Size 123*98*90CM
Spraying System 8pcs high pressure nozzle(Optional 2pcs centrifugal nozzle) Charger Model Dual way quick charger (3000w)
Wind Resistance 10m/s Charging Time 1pc 10-18min(30%-99%,220V)
Spraying Flow 2-2.5L/Min (adjustable) Temperature Battery temperature is below 60°
Motor System Hobbywing Waterproof Level Motor IP68
Flight Control System VK Whole Drone IP57

16L Sprayer Drone: 

With 5.5 '' screen+FPV camera+LED night indicator
JOYANCE App supports mission planning, significantly improving operational efficiency with its ability to generate automatic flight paths. It indicates the remaining liquid payload amount in real-time, letting operators strike the perfect balance between payload and battery life. When low battery or tank empty, the drone can return automatically.

Multilingual: English, Español, Ruso, Turco, portugués


JT16L-404QC drone is with the latest appearance design and the most complete functions, can not only spray liquid chemicals but also spread solid fertilizers and seeds.图片1


1. Horizontal foldable frame, easy to transport
2. Ready to fly, 100% testing before delivery
3. Intelligent spraying control with DCU & flowmeter
4. Autonomous flight, work at night
5. Waterproof, easy to clean
6. Quick pluggable/detachable design
7. Smart battery, more than 600 cycles life
8. High efficiency and effectiveness
9. Easy to operate
10. Easy replacement of spare parts
11. Better automization effect and permeability 

water tank

Main functions:

1. Intelligent flight with autopilot  
2. Sprayer & spreading dual systems
3. Intelligent memory, recording break-point;
4. Auto-return and continue to spray 
5. Adjustable spray flow rate by fly speed
6. Adjustable altitude and fly speed 
7. Fail-safe protection, return when out of control
8. Low voltage warning 
9. Low liquid capacity warning 
10. Terrain following 
11. Digital fence
12.. Obstacle avoidance
13. Display spray datas in real time


High pressure Nozzles: 8pcs. 
Y type design, no leak spraying.         
Less drift, high penetration, Droplet size 100~200um
Centrifugal nozzles: 2pcs. 
Spray degree 130°, Droplet size 50~200um
With the centrifugal nozzles the JT16L-404QC penetrates thick canopies with oblique spraying, ensuring uniform adhesion of liquid pesticides, increasing the number of droplets by 100%.

waterproofnight work

Waterproof & Night Work
The whole drone frame is made of carbon fiber and aviation aluminum alloy, stong and durable. Waterproof & dustproof level IP56.

With LED lights the drone frame is visible at night, ensure the spraying work at night more safe.

packing delivery

Professional packaging team,  all packed in aviation aluminum box, safe and reliable.
Lead time: 1~15 days, depends on quantity of order.

Shipment: by sea/air/courier/train.


Exported to more than 100 countries, such as Peru, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Cambodia, etc.


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    Add : 3/F, 3/Bldg, 13426 Yuqing Str,             Weifang, Shandong 261061, China
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