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3 Advantages of agricultural sprayer drones for crop spraying

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Promoting agriculture with science and technology is also a hot topic in agriculture at present. Traditional agricultural production methods cannot be compared with modern agriculture. The scene of relying solely on human labor will never return in rural areas in the future.

Farming science and technology, planting and harvesting and management mechanization have been fully implemented in rural areas all over the country, and manpower has basically been freed from agricultural production. This has to make the older generation of farmers sigh. There are such skills today.

In the process of crop growth and management, spraying pesticides is a common task that requires multiple implementations. From the beginning of crop planting to the period before harvest, pesticides, herbicides and foliar fertilizers for insect and disease prevention need to be sprayed many times. If the land area is small, manual work is okay. At present, large-scale planting is basically Will buy agricultural plant protection drones.

The application of agricultural plant protection drones in agricultural production has greatly improved productivity and given full play to the advantages of drones. It can not only reduce labor costs, but also save pesticides. Drone spraying is efficient and convenient , and no longer have to let farmers carry sprayers on their backs to suffer from field labor. But our farmer friends also need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this high-priced drone. Let’s summarize the three advantages of drone spraying medicine.

1. Save both labor and pesticides

We usually spray pesticides manually with sprayers on our backs. Generally, it takes more than half a day to complete a few acres of land. Pesticides, and the risk of poisoning, such work procedures also need to be repeated time and again, which is indeed very hard work for farmers.

Since the application of plant protection drones, manual spraying has been completely freed from agricultural production, and the work efficiency has also improved a lot compared to manual spraying with a sprayer on the back. Spraying pesticides on a few acres of land, using drones is not a problem. It can be done in an hour.

The spraying of plant protection drones not only improves the work efficiency a lot, but also saves a lot of pesticide investment, and also reduces the use of a lot of water. According to comparative statistics, the use of plant protection drones to spray pesticides is compared with artificial sprayers. It can save more than 50% of the cost, and this saving advantage is obvious.

2. Even spraying is not restricted by terrain

There are many restrictions when spraying manually, such as the pressure on the sprayer, the speed of walking, etc., which will cause more or less uneven spraying or insufficient spraying. Drone spraying eliminates such disadvantages. Not only is the atomization of the nozzle better, but also the speed can be controlled, and the liquid medicine can be sprayed evenly, forming a film on the ground or on the leaves of plants.

Secondly, the spraying of plant protection drones will not be restricted by the terrain. For example, whether it is a plain or a mountain, whether it is a low crop or a large fruit tree, it is basically not affected, and it can also complete manual operations. incompetent work.

3. It is more economical in the case of rising labor costs

Now farmers go out to work, and the average construction site will have an income of more than 300 yuan a day, or even higher. In the case of rising labor costs, the use of drones to spray medicine will reduce labor costs in agricultural production. will be more economical.

Just imagine, if a young and strong labor force spends a day spraying pesticides at home, it will reduce the income of hundreds of yuan. The cost of using drones to spray pesticides per mu of land containing pesticides is about 20 yuan. For a few acres of land, it takes about 100 yuan to apply medicine once, so it is very cost-effective to calculate carefully.



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