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Client from the Philippines visit Joyance March 8th 2023

Client from the Philippines visited Joyance on March 8th, 2023 and is satisfied with the drone performance.

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JOYANCE agricultural sprayer drone RTK description

Description of each port 1.ON/OFF:The equipment switch must be turned on when in use;2.RADIO:The radio function switch must be turned on when using the radio RTK;3.NET:The network signal indicator will flash yellow when the network is smooth;4.RTK:The signal indicator light flashes at a faster frequ

Drone Features
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Drone Features
Precise positioning basic system C-RTK cloud network Solution

C-RTK is a basic precise positioning service basic system based on satellite systems (compatible with Beidou, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo), using ground-based differential enhancement stations and self-developed positioning algorithms, through Internet technology for big data operations, and RTK base stat

Drone Features
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Drone maintenance
Daily maintenance of agricultural spraying drones

Plant protection UAV is a sophisticated high-tech product, and any slight change in any part will affect its flight status and service life. In addition to operating and using in the correct way, daily maintenance and inspection are also crucial.1. Before operation, check whether the medicine box is

Drone maintenance


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